We are the Union of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called to called to follow Christ in the spirit of Nano Nagle, bringing the good news to the poor by promoting God’s kingdom of truth and goodness, justice, love and peace.

In Theni, the Sisters started the Holy Redeemer Hospital in the year 1933 having the care of the poor and the needy of Theni District at heart. A school, catering to the educational needs of boys and girls too was started, which was later upgraded to serve the girl students only.

  • In 1990, We started the rural mission at Varusanadu 55 kmts. from Theni in the hill area. Health Care, women empowerment, irradiation of illiteracy and Female Infanticide.
  • In 2003, We began our ministry in Jeevan Jothi Hospice to provide a holistic, comprehensive and quality health care to the sick with a preferential option for the people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • In 2006, we moved over to Kanur in Cuddalore District to extend our service to the poor in that area through Education, Health Care and Women empowerment.


We the Presentation family imbibed by the Spirit of Nano Nagle commit ourselves to be in communion with God, ourselves, others and cosmos. Following the Mission of Jesus we work towards systemic change in the society.


As Presentation sisters we dedicate ourselves to bring about social transformation, justice and right relationship by an integral and holistic approach in and through our life and ministries of education, health, social and other activities. In these endeavors we pledge to support one another.


To facilitate the creation of the ecosystem for children to flourish within their adoptive and birth families, by leveraging our experience in the areas of family preservation & strengthening.


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location-pin Address: Varsanadu, Theni District….Jeevan Jothi Hospiece, Theni District….Kanur, Cuddalore District.

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