The sisters started a school in a temporary shed. On the first 12 pupils were present. They were mostly the children of field labourers, all of them poor, some almost destitute. Slowly it was upgraded to Primary, Middle, High school and Girls Higher Secondary School it caters to 2200 girls.

Presentation Convent Girls Higher Secondary School, holds 2150 poor children from Theni and suburbs. Most of these children come from below poverty line. Daily activities are carried on as usual by 51 teaching staff and 5 non teaching staff. Midday Meal programme caters to 1500 children which is monitored by the staff. Besides formal education children are trained in extracurricular activities namely, Sports, NSS, JRC.

NSS Camp

Care of the Earth

Children at Studies


  • Educate them materially poor by imparting the human values through formal and life oriented education to prepare them to be agents of social change.
  • Conduct literary associations, awareness program on Health, Human rights with emphasis on child safe guarding sex education and consumerism.
  • Encourage children to take part in Red Cross, NSS,YSM and NGC.
  • Working towards bio-diversity leading to environmental protection and preservation.

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